Topeak Pocket Shock DXG XL Pump - Dämpferpumpen

TopeakPocket Shock DXG XL Pump - Dämpferpumpen

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Offering precise inflation up to 360psi, the Pocket Shock DXG XL Pump is equipped with an extending barrel for quick and easy pumping and a pressure adjusting air-bleed button to make sure your suspension air levels are as finely tuned as can be.  Featuring a flexible hose that takes the stress off of the valve when pumping, the pump makes good use of its Pressure-Rite connector, setting the correct pressure with minimal fuss and ensuring no air is lost when the chuck is detached from the valve. Once achieved, the optimum pressure can be viewed clearly on the attached analogue dial. The Pocket Shock DXG XL Pump is a hard-working and powerful shock pump that guarantees the most accurate pressure for your shocks and forks.