Cane Creek HELLBENDER 70 Headset - Steuersätze

Cane CreekHELLBENDER 70 Headset - Steuersätze

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Ready for fast-paced trail action, this brilliant model features an incredibly robust aluminium cup and cover construction. This makes it perfect at withstanding all the intensity which comes with aggressive downhill runs and all-day epics. Cane Creek has also kitted this stunning component out with an upper bearing seal and an alloy dual-seal crown race for amazingly low-friction and protection against contaminants. Bearings Types: - ZS44 will take a 41mm bearing - EC44 will take a 52mm bearing - ZS56 will take a 52mm bearing - IS41 will take a 41mm bearing - IS42 will take a 42mm bearing - IS52 will take a 52mm bearing